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Why go to Croatia

With almost 80 proper vacation islands, an unspoiled beautiful coastline and spectacular countryside Croatia is one of our favourite holiday destinations. Think of azure coloured crystal clear waters, a unique marine wildlife and superb gastronomy. The hotels are often situated at the most unique places and we have found you the best Croatia has to offer.

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Why go to France

France offers two totally different coastlines. The pristine and more rugged West coast is not as delicate as the South of France with its exuberance of luxury hotels, high end beach bars and exclusive clubs. The West coast is more tranquil and offers great seafood. Choose the right coast for the right vacation setting you have in mind and we'll get you the perfect hotel.

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All places in Greece

Why go to Greece

Almost 20 % of Greece is an island and that is exactly where the magic happens. Some islands are harder to reach than others but they are all worth a visit. It is one of the lesser know luxury destinations and therefore still a true paradiso for those in search of outstanding service in a superb setting.

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All places in India

Why go to India

With over 800 kilometres of tropical coastline India is not specially known for luscious boutique hotels but in fact there are many places worth visiting. Expect nothing but picture prefect, white sandy beaches with palmtrees as sunshades.

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Why go to Indonesia

A little over 17,000 islands, together form the Republic of Indonesia. Known for rice fields and terraces and azure blue waters. Friendly people, white sandy beaches and a genuine untouched wildlife is what makes Indonesia the perfect escape.

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Why go to Italy

This is one of the most diverse countries the world has to offer. Skiing in the North and beautiful islands and coastlines in the south. For great food or historical landmarks you never have to travel far. It's best to explore Italy by car and dress up when you go out if you want to fit in.

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All places in Maldives

Why go to Maldives

One of Natures strangest and most stunning creations are The Maldives. A chain of twenty six so called 'atolls' that consists out of more than 1190 (coral) islands. Staying at one of these little pieces of heaven requires a bit of travelling and a relaxed mindset. Living your daily life as you know it is out of the question here. Just sit back and relax.

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All places in Portugal

Why go to Portugal

Portugal is home to stunning golfcourses, pristine coastlines, great wines and gastronomy but above all there are some luscious hotels that provide all these joys in life within the borders of their grounds. AzureBooker selected the best hotels in Portugal so enjoy the views.

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All places in Saint Barthelemy

Why go to Saint Barthelemy

An island fully encircled by shallow reefs filled with Azure clear waters. The perfect hangout for the ultimate winter escape. Expect an extreme luxury level and a cosmopolitan vibe. St Barths is a true gem within the Caribbean and a playground for the Jet Set.

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All places in South Africa

Why go to South Africa

One of the most diverse countries in the world to our opinion and a perfect place for all kinds of vacation types. If you love the beach life, golfing, wine-tasting or just the sitting in a chair and watch the ocean than South Africa is the perfect playground for you.

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Why go to Spain

The kilometres long-stretched beaches offer enough space for everyone. As summers can be quite hot, locals have their lunch in the shade at one of the many cosy terraces. Spain is known to produce great wines and serve high quality food. From tapas-bars to the best restaurants in the world, great food is everywhere. Azure blue waters and a relaxing vibe make Spain the superb holiday destination.

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All places in Thailand

Why go to Thailand

Great food on every street corner, friendly people and organised chaos is the best way to describe Thailand's big cities and especially Bangkok. From here you can take a plane to almost every place you want to visit. In some cases a short ferry- or longtail boatride is necessary to get to paradise. Think of azure coloured waters and white & sandy palm beaches.

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All places in United Arab Emirates

Why go to United Arab Emirates

Immerse yourself in the luxurious charm of the United Arab Emirates with AzureBooker. From the vibrant cityscapes of Dubai to the laid-back elegance of Abu Dhabi, there's no shortage of luxury hotel experiences waiting to be explored. Let us be your guide to finding the perfect retreat, where you can relax, unwind, and indulge in the ultimate in comfort and style.

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All places in United Kingdom

Why go to United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers sub tropical destinations in the South making it a superb summer destination. Together with the Britain's good taste in interior and exterior design and the high service level this country offers a splendid hotel culture. As always we have found you the best places to stay.

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All places in United States

Why go to United States

With such a diverse coastline it's a bit hard to tell you where to go. We have searched the East & West coast and found you the unique hotels at the right places like we do best. Think of azure coloured waters endless summers and sandy beaches. It's up to you to decide what location attracts you most for the ultimate pampering experience.