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The founder started out at the attic of a former church in the Canal district of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with a fresh idea and a lot of willpower. Back in 2012 when AlpineBooker first saw the light of life and what started out as a collection of luxury ski hotels, nowadays still is. Difference is that AlpineBooker is now the leading collection of luxury ski hotels in the world and on top of this we have sold over 119.000 nights over the past years. Shortly after, we have received requests for hotels that are equal in luxury level and carry the same style and vibe but this time for summer destinations. This resulted in the start of AzureBooker which is the collection of luxury beach hotels. AzureBooker was able to get a head-start because of the solid foundation and success of AlpineBooker. Recently the same happened with requests for city hotels and for that reason we have launched UrbanBooker.

Our founder, Allard Wilkens is still 100% actively involved and together we are devoted to bring you to places and hotels that are hard to find but not to be missed. Each collection has a dedicated team of experts working round the clock to present you the finest hotels the world has to offer and describe and test these from an independent, professional point of view.

Allard Wilkens, founder of The Booker Company and its sub-brands is passionate traveller, skier and sports-lover and explorer with a background in financial services and a strong need towards creating new things that actually serve a purpose and people. Design-conscious, wine-lover and enthusiastic home-chef.

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