Le Club 55 - St Tropez

Since 1955 Le Club 55, as it is fully named, kept its authenticity and glamour 'French Riviera' vibe. The menu lists a lot of classics like a big platter of crudités or the famous artichoke with vinaigrette. Although this place is always packed the food never suffers from the pressure in the kitchen. As 55 is a very popular hotspot no one seems to really bother for watching other people. The tables are so well put in place that you seem to have all the privacy while sitting on a dining terrace with over 130 people next to you.

Especially during high season we really advice you to make a reservation at least a week 1 advance. Ask for a table in the center of the terrace or if you want more privacy just ask for a table on the right side of the terrace on a couch. You’ll be amazed about how the vibe here will pick you up and makes you feel very happy in no time. Especially after a few glasses of the light colored Provençale rosé.

After dinner you can also book a sunbed on the beach (also very limited availability without a reservation) for a relaxing afternoon at plage Pamplonne.

Le Club 55 is only open for Lunch and can also be reache by boat or helicopter, for reservations contact our concierge.

The Address is
43 Boulevard Patch, 83350 Ramatuelle, France
Phone number for reservations
+33 4 94 55 55 55
(we can advice you to make reservations in the morning or late in the afternoon because it can be very busy during the day)